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Truck Rides
The newest feature at Christmas Tree Hill is a short truck ride through the woods to some of our more isolated fields. You can enjoy the scenery as well as view some of our fields with new trees, not yet ready to cut.
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When you arrive at the field, you can have as much time as is necessary to find that perfect tree. When the truck returns, you will have assistance loading your tree and then you can enjoy the return trip to the sales area for processing.

Our tree farm features 4 different varieties of tree:

Blue Spruce | Concolor Fir | Douglas Fir | Fraser Fir
Click to view a picture of each tree.
We also offer:

Saws to cut down the Christmas tree of your choice.
Drilling for our Stand Straight tree stands.
An aerial tree delivery system: No trees to carry!
A lighted sales area for night time tree sales.
Christmas Tree Hill
524 Beisel's Road
Lehighton, PA 18235
570-386-4641 or 570-386-2236

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